The Journey

Due to popular demand and previous success (see Travellers Feedback and Photo Gallery), Etose offers both group and individual (personalized) tours to India throughout the year. Some of our most popular tours are listed on the left. Please do contact us if you wish for something different and we will do our best to meet your desires.

The tours are a combination of visits to touristic places (“must see”) as well as visits to remote villages. The latter should give tourists an integral experience of rural life and empirically come into contact with development initiatives undertaken by villagers who are struggling and succeeding in improving the well-being of their communities. Our mission is to inspire visitors to engage in a profound exchange of information, experiences and possibly of financial resources or skills where it is most needed.

Rural communities in India are steeped in folklore and indigenous craft, and many of the less visited villages are holding on to their traditional way of life. The local communities we will be visiting will share some of this, as well as their cultural and natural heritage with the tourists. The latter in return will take part in promoting new and innovative approaches to develop sustainable local livelihood practices in these low-income rural communities, with the assistance of our local partner non-government organizations (NGOs), namely Asia Initiatives (AI), M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) and Ashta No Kai (ANK). The focus will be on attracting financial and in-kind support for sustainable development-oriented projects that help the environment and local people, and support community self-reliance. Our local partner NGOs help by bringing in innovative, empowering solutions to challenging social problems (loss of indigenous identity and values, resource use conflicts, cultural deterioration, land-use disputes, environmental degradation, unemployment, few income generation opportunities, lack of education opportunities, youth migration to the urban areas, etc.) at the local community level.

Etose provides you with a real opportunity to participate in reducing the economic inequalities that exist in the world today. This innovative and conscious style of tourism will allow you to be of service to the places you visit. Etose’s founders have the development experience to select appropriate projects, and throughout the years have already established partnerships with local NGOs to ensure positive outcomes.