Dr. Mayuri Odedra-Straub

Etose is currently run and managed solely by Dr. Mayuri Odedra-Straub, but a part-time staff who can deal with the German correspondence is being sought. Mayuri has wide ranging experience living and working in many different countries and cultures (Kenya, England, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Germany, India and Japan). She has taught, researched and consulted in various fields with the focus always being the role of information technology in the developing nations (which was also her PhD research topic).

In Japan Mayuri taught an NGO (non-government organization) and International Development course at an American University and also worked as an Executive Director of Asia Initiatives. Part of the NGO course involved students travelling to India for a field trip to visit different NGOs and understand the role they play in alleviating poverty. Mayuri managed to travel twice to India with the students and found it as an eye-opening experience. Part of her work at Asia Initiatives involved fund-raising in Japan and donating/distributing this money to different projects and NGOs in India and other Asian countries. The funds were used for everything from school furniture to funding microcredit banks (see www.asiainitives.org for further details).

It was the activities of these two jobs, plus the encouragement and support from her friend Dr. Geeta Mehta, which resulted in the founding of ETOSE; the idea to combine the two: travel and charity.